Brittany Bishop
Brittany Bishop
Brittany Bishop--Country Music Artist

New EP

Won’t Be silent

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About Brittany


Brittany Bishop is an artist all her own; fearlessly honest and uniquely herself. Her songs are the musical reflection of her life, deep in meaning and not free from pain, hard times and the life experiences that helped shape her and give her a voice beyond her years. Growing up in Abilene, Texas, Brittany Bishop found her love for music at a young age inspired by the harmonies of gospel singers in church. As a teenager she began singing with a Texas country/ western swing band, opening for acts such as Mark Chesnutt, Charlie Daniels, and other iconic Texas country bands.




September 3. The Springwater. 8pm. Nashville, TN

October 12. Two Old Hippies. 5:30-6:30. Nashville, TN



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